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Hochschule für Finanzwirtschaft & Management

In view of the ever increasing qualification demands the banking industry makes on its workforce, the trend towards upgrading of skills is going to continue. As a response to this development the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe (which is the group of savings banks, Landesbanken and associated companies) has founded its own state-approved University of Applied Sciences in summer 2003. The “Hochschule für Finanzwirtschaft & Management“ (University of the Savings Banks Finance Group) offers performance-oriented employees of financial institutions the opportunity to obtain an internationally recognized academic degree in parallel to their vocational training or professional activity.

The special features of the University of the Savings Banks Finance Group are

  • the solid foundation on international standards,
  • practice-related new and quality-secured programs of study,
  • the integration of university education and advanced professional training and
  • a successful studies-guaranteeing, web-based learning, tutorial and student support concept via the Internet.

One particularity of the study concept is the programs of studies specially tailored to the financial services area which prepare the students in and for the present as well as future business segments of the banking industry in line with business policy and market requirements. The courses of study are thus a qualification offer for fields of activity in the financial services sector in which the complexity of professional skills calls for graduate recruitment. Brilliant career opportunities are opened up to the graduates, as the curricula of study envision a tight interlinking of both theoretical and practical contents strongly related to normal work activities.

The four undergraduate and two graduate degree programs have been fully accredited by an internationally renowned accreditation agency. Against this background, the University of the Savings Banks Finance Group provides their students with professional skill-enhancing academic degrees that are recognized at national and international level.  

The principle guidelines of the study concept are        

  • the orientation towards practical aspects,
  • a strong focus on application to the students’ careers that takes studying from the conceptual to the practical, allowing students to immediately integrate needed skills and competencies into daily work efforts,
  • quality assurance and
  • a modern, trend-setting study concept.

The overriding goal of the training- and career-accompanying study concept of the University of the Savings Banks Finance Group is to ensure the students’ ability and capability of studying and exercising their job tasks at the same time. With this in mind, a distance education-based learning and counseling scheme has been developed, offering the students comprehensive organizational, technical as well as expert support and guidance during their distance studies. Unlike the traditional distance studying of the text and study materials at home, the students are thoroughly instructed and tutored over the Internet-based learning platform of the Hochschule and carefully prepared for their examinations. This platform serves not only as information terminal and access portal to study materials, but also as self-tuition medium and communication center for students and teaching staff alike. 

In addition to the high-quality distance study programme marked by comprehensive counseling and advisory services for all students, the University of the Savings Banks Finance Group offers its students a wide range of events and activities with compulsory attendance in its decentralized distance study centers. The aim of these activities taking the form of lectures, exercise courses, seminar courses and case study reviews is, on the one hand, to revise and deepen the contents of the subjects relevant to the exams as well as the specialized knowledge and method competences acquired in the course of the distance studies. On the other hand, they give the students additional room for questions and the practice-related application of the learned subjects. 

To request further information about the Hochschule der Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe please get in touch with the Office for student recruitment.

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Hochschule für Finanzwirtschaft & Management

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