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Science Shop Bonn

Wissenschaftsladen Bonn e.V. (WILA Bonn)

Our Concept: Educate - and Motivate

Land consumption, energy transition, new fields of work—we want to motivate people to get involved in causes that are important to our society and environment. That’s why we facilitate knowledge. But that’s not all: it is our goal to provide our citizens with tools that allow them to utilize this knowledge and take action and thus contribute to the democratic process. We see ourselves as a mediator between science and civil society: we edit scientific findings critically and offer them to the public. Likewise we also try to bring questions from the public to the attention of our universities, so that they can tackle them with their tools.

Our Spheres of Work

1. Civil Society & Sustainability

Who decides on existential questions such as climate change, what can the individual do locally? How can even children research energy? How can we network on an international level and learn from civic participation in other countries? With our projects in the area of „Civil Society and Sustainability“ we hope to strengthen community activism and in return contribute more to the cause of sustainability.

2. Health & Consumer Protection

Is the cell tower on the roof next door hazardous to your health? Is the thermal insulation of your apartment sufficient? When are children’s toys healthy, when are textiles harmless? Our advisory services, expert reports and educational events regarding „health and consumer protection“ are meant to support you when it comes to a competent orientation and concrete decision-making.

3. Job Market & Education

The objective of our department „job market and education“ is to create orientation, to pave the way, to open up new opportunities. Our two information services „job market: environmentalism and natural sciences“ and „job market: education, culture and social services“ are useful tools to get an overview of the weekly job openings nationwide. In order to do so our experts review more then 140 daily and weekly newspapers and professional publications, as well as the online job market. In our editorial section we introduce and analyze new fields of work. How can we motivate young people to work in the fields of sustainable energy and environmentalism? With our job fair and education fair „Renewable Energies“ and our educational projects we try to bring together companies, universities and job seekers.


Wissenschaftsladen Bonn e.V.

Reuterstr. 157
53113 Bonn

Tel.: +49 (0) 228 / 2 01 61-0
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Brigitte Peter

Tel.: +49 (0) 228 / 2 01 61-27
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